The Perfect Stranger

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The Perfect Stranger

The author is SandraLopez

Cassie Giannopoulos had just moved to Greece, a fresh new start is exactly what she needs. However, it seemed fate had other plans for her. For that very night she meets the mysterious and alluring Kostas, a man who catches her attention like no other before him.

Their night of passion however, leaves Cassie with more than one surprise, as life starts spinning out of control around her and an accident has her running for her life, the only man who seems to know just what the hell is going on is none other than Kostas.

But Kostas has secrets of his own, secrets that could put Cassie's life in mortal danger.

Join Cassie's and Kostas story as bullets fly around them, and they head into danger trying to protect one another.

* Not Completed

* Ongoing

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