Death Is My BFF (Rewritten!)

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Death Is My BFF (Rewritten!)

The author is katrocks247

The legendary, evil, arrogant, hilariously sarcastic, and irresistible Grim Reaper will do whatever it takes to get Faith Williams to be his. The problem? She has to sign his contract in her blood, and there's no way in Hell she's doing that without a fight.

Death was once God’s second favorite, below Lucifer, until he broke all of the Seven Deadly Sins and fell from Heaven. Now, his identity is masked by a curse, and he is forced to collect souls or else he will slowly and painfully mummify.

Faith begins to have flashbacks of the Grim Reaper and her as a child, and discovers a side of the Grim Reaper that could actually be good. There is a power that is inside of her, a power that can see into people’s past and future. Unable to control this mysterious power, she enters Death’s mind when they first kiss, and momentarily visits a dark, dangerous world set over two thousand years ago, when the Angel of Death was still human. She finds out that his past is darker than anything imaginable, filled with endless death, abuse, black magic, demons, a prophecy, and a devastating, unlawful curse that bound Death to earth for the rest of his immortal life.

Faith Williams is not entirely human and Death will find out that she has an unimaginable amount of power. He will discover this by manipulating her dreams, her mind, her heart, and bringing her darkest fears to life. 

There are no sparkling heroes in this story, or damsels in distress. But there is an unspoken, true love between two entirely different species, angel and human, and a connection that goes much deeper than the heart. For the first time, you will be able to put a face to both Death, and the Devil.  For the first time, the villain might win.

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