The Masked Singer Book One

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The Masked Singer Book One

The author is xFakingaSmilex

"Why do you wear a mask?" Nathan whispers.  

I look down at the ground, and then back up to his curious gaze, something about those eyes makes my heart melt.  

"Because," I reply, with a simple shrug of my shoulders.  

"Is there something you're hiding?" he asks, inching closer to me.  Everyone has the dream of becoming the next big thing in the music industry. Who wouldn't dream about being able to tour the world, meet other famous people! 

Though the most common issue is that period of waiting, waiting for someone to discover you exist in the big world.    

That problem doesn't apply to Riley at all! When Lucy, her best friend pressures her into uploading a video of her singing, it goes completely viral overnight, which leaves the world with one last question.   

Who is the singer behind the mask and when is she going to upload another song? As she gains a high popularity and starts to be noticed by other celebrities, she has two options, hide behind her mask or reveal her identity.   

But when you hide behind a fake mask, you begin to lose the person you were to begin with. Will Riley lose herself for popularity and fame?  

'They say a smile is like a mask, and a mask like a smile. But a mask is just a facade, and a facade just a deception of the face.' - xFakingaSmilex  

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