A Dash of Complications

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A Dash of Complications 

The author is goodbyez

"I like you, Violet." 

Never in her entire life did Violet Boyle expect to hear those three words, especially from the boy who she called a dog on the first day of school.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *      

Violet Boyle is a sixteen year old in high school. She's sassy and sarcastic. She's in desperate need of a filter to block out her sailor mouth. And her social status? Well, she would be pretty damn well unknown, if it weren't for her popular jock of a twin brother. The biggest obstacle Violet faces is protecting her frail and delicate heart from love.

Harper Wesley is the guy in every girl's dreams; bad, popular and hot. But unfortunately for them, he's already got a girlfriend--his childhood best friend. Harper's different from other guys; though he may constantly have an impassive expression on his face and may act all superior compared to everyone else, what makes him different from the other guys is: he's not afraid to fall in love.

What happens when you put these two together? You have a shitload of cursing, witty comments, drama, and maybe even love.

Author has unfortunately deleted this novel. 

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