Ethereal (Rich Girl/Bad Boy)

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Ethereal (Rich Girl/Bad Boy)

The author is etherway

"In the very words of Roald Dahl, 'it doesn't matter who you are or what you look like, so long as somebody loves you.' Well, Alaina Ramayan, my love for you is inexplicable. It's complex, deranged as well as frightening but at the same time, it's unwavering. You don't deserve to be loved by a screw up like me; but you know what? Fuck it."


Alaina Ramayan is the daughter of two of London's most elite surgeons on demand, as well as an heiress to the world famous, Ramayan Luxe Worldwide - her grandparent's billion dollar business. Her life is every girl's absolute dream.

She soon realises that this blessed life of hers should only further propel her desire to give, rather than to take. This eventually leads her to do some volunteer work and it is here in which she crosses paths, once more, with the enigmatic, devilishly handsome yet incredibly blunt, Kade Williams.

Kade Williams has nothing. He is in fact considered nothing by many, scum even. Having witnessed the brutal death of his loving mother, inflicted upon by his own father, it only informs the man he is today. A penniless man who is broken, angry and reserved.

Alaina and Kade's opposing worlds intertwine, forming jagged ends and discombobulated turns. He fights for her when he has nothing to lose, whereas she has everything.

* Not Completed

* Ongoing 

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