The Connor's

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The Connor's 

The author is xinfiniteandbeyondx

A new family's just moved in across the street, peaking everyone's interest for they're like nothing this small suburban town has ever seen.

For Andrea Connor, lying is a way of life that she's never been ashamed of until she meets the witty all-star football champion and her neighbour, Evan Reed, whom she knows she can't get close to.

You see, the Connor's aren't a real family.

As a new street drug begins to plague the halls of Belmont High, six unlikely people will be sent to save the day. Posing as a family, they're given new lives and their quest to shut this illegal operation down, begins.

But then Andrea does the unthinkable and falls in love.

Throw in a world of lies, scientists, annoying siblings, baby strippers..?, and the FBI and you've got your average teenage love story right?


The con is on.

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