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The author is MargarethV

His lips pulled back into a sneer, "You will stay by me, in this fucking house." He growls, stepping into my personal bubble.

His face barely inches away from mine, his cold, surprisingly minty, breath brushed my lips.

"You will stay with me, and I will have it no other way."

* * *

When Leah's boyfriend leaves her, to go to the Caribbean, she is devastated. Her life was boring as it is, but perhaps a certain Alpha can spice things up a little.

Avan Costarelli is Alpha. His sudden interest for the red headed angel sparked when he saw her. As he realizes that she was his very first experience in love at first sight, he attempts to stay away from her. All to knowing that his world was much dangerous.

But it just seems like fate couldn't give poor Avan a break.

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