The Sexy Italian Kidnapper

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The Sexy Italian Kidnapper

The author is TheWeirdo_Salts

''Wh-what are you doing ? ''

''Che vi porterà a casa, il mio amore''

(Taking you home , my love)

''Uh-ugh What ?''

'' Well, to put it simple I m kidnapping you.''



Imagine this :

You went to visit your ailing grandmother who lives in a different TOWN - No

in a different STATE- Nope

in a different COUNTRY- Na

but freakingly in a different CONTINENT!!!!

Fine!!!! That's totally acceptable.

Family comes first.

But what happens when you get kidnapped by a freakishly sexy guy in this freakishly weird town where everyone has a sniffing yes you heard me sniffing problem ?

Only one thing can happen utter and pure MADNESS!!!

Find out whether I, Adrianne Orsini end up dead in a gutter somewhere or end up going on the most craziest journey ever of my life ?

Author has deleted her novel and account.

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