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The author is xStarlio_09x 

Thea and Cameron have been best friends ever since Cameron moved next door when they were nine years old. Now they're seniors and older and Cameron starts noticing how much Thea has grown, and Thea is starting to notice that her crush on Cameron never went away...

At Thea's 18th Birthday party is where everything changes.. Truth or Dare at the next is when everything changes.. their friendship is what changes, but will it be an epic fail or happily ever after?

And will their love be strong enough?

*Thea: ^^^ That is what the summary of my life story should be but things take an unexpected turn that will leave you in tears of love and hurt. My story.. My love story.. even you will feel the pain but for me? and the kind of pain im feeling isn't because he broke my heart, no, it's because he loved me.'

* Not Completed

* Ongoing 

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