Under The Prince of Lust's Wiles (18+)

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Under The Prince of Lust's Wiles (18+)

The author is JMFelic

In a large shopping mall we went. It was three storeys high, complete with restaurants and fast-food chains. He guided me to the second floor where all of the goods I had specified to him were located. Again, stores after stores were lined up for me choose, but I decided to enter one where its window knickknacks caught my eyes. The store was named, Ann Summers.

Weird things. I most certainly hadn't seen objects like these in my entire life. The shapes were weird too; circular, elongated, heart-shaped in bold neon colors. There were even objects that looked like rods and cuffs of different sizes and colorful jelly rings with studs. My brain immediately registered, children's toys?

However, the moment I stepped inside the store, my brain immediately scratched the word CHILDREN and replaced it with ADULT! My eyes widened as I took in every single detail that welcomed me.

D*ldos, lingerie, d*ldos, collars, d*ldos, nipple clamps? -- what's that? -- d*ldos, vibrators! -- my mouth dropped-- d*ldos, and more d*ldos! EVERYWHERE!!! Just what is this store all about!?

Eriol, who was trailing behind me earlier, was now standing right in my side. He gave a light tap on my shoulder to which I immediately jerked away. Our eyes met and I swear he was looking at me with a twinkle of mischief.

"Funny... you seem to have lost your way directly into this place, Milady." He said and gave me a freaking roguish grin!

~ + ~

I am hoping that my vacation in my Aunt's house is worth it. Leaving my volunteer work in Nepal abruptly is not what I wanted but there is nothing I can do, my Aunt is just too insistent. I know staying in there would be enjoyable, but I never thought that everyday would become something more... more than unbearable, and it all stems to a certain man -- the head butler of the house -- specifically too attentive of me.

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