The Pirate King and I

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The Pirate King and I 

The author is rskovach

After pirates kidnap an orphaned housemaid in a case of mistaken identity, she prepares for the worst. Instead, seventeen-year-old Ana sets sail on the adventure of a lifetime. 

Playing the wholesome daughter of a Spanish admiral among rag-tag buccaneers soon becomes the least of her concerns. Battles, a shipwreck, mutiny, and - most unexpectedly - love are what really turn her world upside down. When the truth threatens to end it all, it's the secrets of the dashing Alestair Kincade, Pirate King of the Caribbean, that prove to be the most dangerous. 

Ana will need to use her wits and charm to not only stay off the gallows, but also to avoid a fate she now considers to be worse than death: being sent home to Panama to a hopeless future.

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