The Groupies

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The Groupies

The author is annajeanx

Lilly Jane High School is full of cliche love stories, drama and clicks, so when the principle comes up with a solution, suddenly Julia Red is thrown into a cluster of emotions. Bands begin to form every which way, only causing chaos in the hallways and fights in the parking lots. Julia tries to avoid it all as much as possible, but soon fails within the first week. She soon becomes attached to the smallest boy band in the school, her good friend, a kid she doesn't know, and the boy that came to her rescue the week prior. When the rules for the bands come out, Julia and the two other groupies are asked to join the boy band. The 6 of them become closer than ever, and Julia discovers that the friends she had, weren't really her friends, she discovers that people aren't there click or label. She learns what it's truly liked to be cared for even in the toughest of times.

Cover By: @Ziegler-pines                                         

* Not Completed

* Ongoing 

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