Laugh Until You Cry

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Laugh Until You Cry

The author is writerbug44

Stella Wayne is on her way to a bright future. With multiple awards under her belt and the most elite dance school in the country on her transcript, any college would be lucky to have her. With a full ride scholarship to Julliard already in her name, the only thing Stella has to do is survive her last year of high school- how hard can that be? 

Stella quickly finds out that it can be very hard. Especially when the new girls at the school begin to form a wedge between Stella and her boyfriend, Andrew. They were already having problems before these two beautiful girls entered the equation, but now, their days of romance and coupledome are about to come to an end. However, Stella won't go down without a fight. 

As Stella realizes that the cupcake phase in a relationship doesn't last forever, she also has to come face to face with her family issues and problems within herself. After all that's happened, Stella will just be grateful to make it out of senior year alive.

Sequel to Lie Until You Laugh

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