The Lying Affair

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The Lying Affair

The author is worldgirlalways

Hope Whiper is a normal teenage girl whose academics has been dominating her life. She is just another normal girl in her junior year. In her small town and state, there isn't much to expect. 

Not until Alexander Alyes moves in the house next door. He joins her school and is admired by all the girls. He is a hot guy. Even though he annoyed her, teased her, and called her a "social outcast," Hope still felt a pull towards Alex. But what she doesn't know is that Alex isn't a normal guy.

He is a 17 year old teenager with a secret of his own.

A secret that nobody can know about. 

A secret related to his past. 

A secret that made him move to Hope's town. 

A secret that makes him push away others. 

A secret that dominates his life.

One secret can leave a huge impact.

What happens when Alex's secret gets in the way of everything and once revealed, changes everything?

Read the story to follow a journey that may or may not have a happy end to it.

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