Loving A Criminal (#3 in FFAW Series)

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Loving A Criminal (#3 in FFAW Series)

The author is Sheryl_Megan

Miranda (Mel) Barone is always a sucker for bad boys. It wasn't until she had met Slade Kolosov that she had found a new definition of the term 'bad boy'.

Determined to take over the criminal world in Chicago, Slade Kolosov has to get rid off or take over the Italian Mafia. Slade is intrigued and drawn to Miranda until he learns that her brother, Alexi runs the Italian Mafia.

Enraged, he lashes out at her but soon realises that Miranda does not know about her brother's criminal activities and the fact that his feelings for Miranda had changed into something more.

Could he convince her that loving a criminal-like him-isn't wrong and messed up as it seems?

Book 3 in the Falling For A Womanizer Series

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