The Cassidy Boys

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The Cassidy Boys

The author is lalalalawriting

Popular, good-looking, arrogant, player - with a killer smile.

That's Xavier Cassidy.

Equally popular and good-looking, but also funny, smart, and boyishly charming.

That's Ryan Cassidy.

One's a so called 'badboy'

One's the known football star.

One's older.

Which means one's obviously younger.

Everyone knows who they are but... I guess that's just the definition of popular.

Now for the past three years I've just been an observer to there so called 'awesome' lives, but then somehow I end up smashing into the one and only Xavier's locker and that's when I find myself wrapped up in the chaos.

With a few slips, trips, awkward encounters, a secret admirer, and one party later I may find myself falling, well, for one of them at least.

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