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The author is ThE_dReAmEr_10

"You are scary, and intimidating, and frightening and I don't understand why you're always around me. We are not the same." I looked him straight in the eye.

He stared at me before answering. "And you are innocent, nerdy, awkward, and not easy to converse with. But we are the same. We are both outcasts."


Meet Riley Summers, the quiet nerd of Fairfield High School. Riley tends to keep to herself and doesn’t socialize with anyone.

Meet Aiden Callaway, the badass of Fairfield High School. Aiden is known for beating up anyone who gives him a dirty look in the hallways.

What do you get when awkward, nerdy Riley clashes with the stubborn, hard ass Aiden? You get perverted jokes, nerd movie marathons, a crashed wedding, and just maybe…love?

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