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Roller Coaster Rescue... by georgia123456788
Roller Coaster Rescue...by georgia123456788
Roller coaster from hell.. when a group of friends go on a fun day to a theme park they have anything but fun when they get stuck at the top of a roller coaster will all...
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Girl Almighty by ZincAlight
Girl Almightyby ZincAlight
Rachel always got what she wanted, when she wanted, exactly how she wanted. Reality check. Just wait until life takes a turn. This is life like she has never known it, a...
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A Series Of Unfortunate  Dates by Plurpal
A Series Of Unfortunate Datesby Plurpal
Love Me Tinder! The lovely Kia. A guy named Nathan. A bestfriend with her own secrets. And the best friend's new boy "friend". *Snorts* We all know how that'll...
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Teenage Disasters by intense_dreamer43
Teenage Disastersby Robin Robbins
Tina Rowell is an average 15 year old girl going into her freshman year of high school, is she nervous? YES! but she is determined to make the most out of the next four...
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Beautiful Disaster by _OrganicGuacamole_
Beautiful Disasterby _OrganicGuacamole_
Prim Williams has the life every person wants. She has her dream job, her dream boyfriend, and well, she has everything she's ever wanted. When she goes to her job one...
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Thirteen reasons why by smilelikeandy_
Thirteen reasons whyby >•<
Katie's life turned upside down when her parents said she had to move away, but then something happens to them. Katie and her and her brother dan are willing to go to gr...
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Disaster Brought by Patience by SheWantsTheVitaminD
Disaster Brought by Patienceby ємιℓу♥
Dylan Kines was a 17 year old natural disaster. Noelle King was a 18 year old good girl. What happens when you mix a wolf with a deer? A tragedy.
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Invisible (Larry Stylinson) (On Hold) by Aimeegawler34
Invisible (Larry Stylinson) (On Ho...by Aimeegawler34
Harry Styles has a crush on Louis Tomlinson, But Harry is invisible to Louis. Harry wants nothing more than to be with Louis but will popularity and friends keep them ap...
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zombies? by brandonsnyder50702
zombies?by brandonsnyder50702
this is kind of a love story... but with a twist :) Brandy and his best friend Stavo have to figure out how to start a new life in this post apocalyptic, zombie infested...
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Falling In Forbidden Love by clOUDSarEFloAty
Falling In Forbidden Loveby clOUDSarEFloAty
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Leap Day | On Hold by saffyre116
Leap Day | On Holdby c h a r l o t t e
When your birthday is on Leap Day, extraordinary things can happen. © 2016, saffyre116
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Qiyamat: The End Of The World by SatiricalMe_
Qiyamat: The End Of The Worldby I'm Sully And You Know It
Qiyamat. The Day Of The Judgement. In recent times things have become very perplexed and the humanity is now faced with a stark choice. The world now is in a dark plac...
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Living with the Knight Brothers by bambi_rox
Living with the Knight Brothersby Amber
Abigail Rose life falls apart on her birthday, her parents and her new brother and sister were on their way home from the hospital and was killed in a car accident. Abig...
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Victim of a Drunk Driver by birdie1498
Victim of a Drunk Driverby birdie1498
This is my story of the horrific night that changed everything. In this story I will try my best to take you through my life and feelings from after the tragic night. My...
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My love and The Abusive Alpha by kbpawlik17
My love and The Abusive Alphaby kbpawlik
Lily is a normal teenager, until her whole world gets turned around when she meets Jake, a sweet, caring, romantic guy that easily falls for his charms. Lily starts to f...
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So You Wanna Die? by starr_eater
So You Wanna Die?by Cas (Not Active Much)
THIS IS FOR ALL THE PEOPLE OUT THERE THAT JUST WANT TO END IT ALL. All the people wishing to die. And for those that do, but are still here, you are loved. And I admire...
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The Eruption- Volume 1 by MattEnglish
The Eruption- Volume 1by Matthew English
Jacob Warren and his family move from a busy city in the Midwest to the rural, mountainous areas of Cody, Wyoming after his dad switched jobs. At first, Jacob is scared...
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The S. I.G. Club by onyensoandalo
The S. I.G. Clubby angelsanddemons
Meet these five fun-loving fifteen year old bitches who dont give a damn about life, school and limited sex. Combine it with a school fillied with wild hippies, the popu...
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Apocolypse by Reasoning7371
Apocolypseby Reasoning7371
This is a small story about a zombie apocalypse. I know we all hear about it, same old same old. But this one is actually quite interesting. Who said horror stories coul...
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