Noah and Leigh

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Noah and Leigh

The author is colourlessness

A collection of notes, a public library, two teenagers, and zero spoken communication.


Noah has been watching the girl who sits at the back of the library for months, getting to know her without formally meeting. But he decides it's time to finally introduce himself; just not the conventional way. 

All Leigh wants to do is graduate from high school. However, there's one thing that stands in her way: finals. Spending every afternoon at her local library has gotten her into a routine of study. But her everyday schedule takes a turn after she takes a ten minute bathroom break and returns to a note sitting on top of her textbook. A note signed by a boy named Noah. 

And so starts a blooming relationship filled with book recommendations. random facts and song lyrics. Noah and Leigh not only discover each other, but also themselves, without having to speak a single word. 

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