How to Fall in Love

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How to Fall in Love

The author is roastedpiglet 

Meet Mia: The twenty year old frustrated writer hermit who can't get published. Apparently, she has a knack for cracking computer codes, but that's not enough to keep her landlord from kicking her out when she hasn't paid her rent for four consecutive months. With no friends to help her out and not enough money to last her a day, where does she go?

Meet Finn: The cold, expressionless, young business bachelor, heir to tycoon company Laurel-Tech. He only cares about business, business, and business. Don't step on his way, unless of course you have a death wish.

When these two meet thanks to a coffee shop and a younger cousin who should really receive a whack on the head, sparks fly . . . of the why'd you spill coffee all over me/you are so going to regret what you did kind.

They're worlds apart, and this isn't high school, so how the hell did Mia end up renting on Finn's mansion? And—hold your breath—becoming his fake girlfriend?

Find out in none other than the romantic comedy—How to Fall in Love.

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