Stuck in Black and White

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Stuck in Black and White

The author is Deethewriter

"Her world is full of black and white."


Differentciating colors was something hard -more like impossible to her; Don't believe when they say nothing's impossible, As a kid all she saw was black and white.

black and white

black and white

She grew up to hate on these two colors, can you exactly blame her?

She doesn't believe in fairytales, she knew they're all lies.

He turned her life all rainbows, kind of ironic ,right?

Not to mention her all sassy but lonely self.

She rarely ever smiled

His smile never left his perfect lips

She was insecure

He was self-confident

She had a great sense of humor

He really sucked at making jokes

Could being dancing partners change their lifes? Or his secret will always come in their way?

* Not Completed

* Ongoing 

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