Wolf's Baby

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Wolf's Baby

The author is inaomif 

Elka is a twenty year old girl, she was raised by a single mother in a happy home until her mother got sick with breast cancer and died right before Elka turned nineteen. Instead of breaking down, Elka used her time and energy to study and train in the gym. After a successful MMA tournament in Europe her team is offered to go to Boston to compete and see the famous Hope defend her world championship. After a win and a great evening out she finds herself in bed with hot and sexy man… little did she know that the one night she spent in the strangers bed would have so much impact on her life..Hearing how the stranger cheated on his girlfriend to sleep with her.. Elka slips out and fly’s home only to find out few weeks later that she wasn’t alone when she came back..

Graphic language, sexual content, violence , and/or infrequent use of strong language

* Not Completed


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