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The author is izzysaphira

Over one hundred years into the future, corruption has wreaked havoc on the overwhelming majority of rulers and governments. What once used to be a free world, now is dominated by the Government - consisting of a small handful of Owners. Owners like Zayn. 

The rest of the population is enslaved. 

There is no in between; no middle class. Either you’re wealthy, or you’re bound within the chains of slavery. 

If you’re lucky, you might be able to live a few years, maybe even your whole life well hidden - free - but in fear.

But if you’re like Abigail, your smallest mistake could become your biggest nightmare.

Snatched off the streets, Abby is sold to one of the richest, most powerful and attractive men in the world, Zayn Malik. 

Abby would've easily been another female slave, forced to do Zayn's every bidding. Except for one thing.  

Abby held something sacred.  

Something that even the most powerful, manipulative, and handsome man wouldn't mess with.

* Not Completed

* Ongoing

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