Blood Kisses

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Blood Kisses

The author is AnnyVirdi

Jewel was in love with life and her childhood friend Josh for the past four years. She felt she had found the one man that would truly love and cherish her. But when she comes home on her anniversary night to give Josh a surprise she gets a surprise of her own.

Sometimes you don't meet Mr. Right out in the day amongst the people rushing to work. Sometimes Mr. Right finds you on a rainy night and happens to shoot someone.

When life gives you Blood. You better take it and run.


He moved his hands down to my waist and I felt his hands pull me against him. Without realizing I wrapped my arms around his neck getting a better angle. The lust and desire was driving me to act reckless and at the moment all I wanted was Vincent. I slightly bit down on his lip and I felt him groan.

"I've wanted to do this since this morning." he growled and placed kisses along my neck.

He kissed behind my ear and when he found my sweet spot he paid extra attention to it driving me crazy with his sweet touch. His hands were lighting my body on fire and I moaned into his mouth when he grabbed my legs and wrapped them around his waist. I tightened my hold on him and brought him closer to my center. He licked my lips and without a second thought I welcomed his tongue and massaged it against my own. My hands were in his hair, on his shoulder, and around his neck.

I wanted him.

I needed him.

* Not Completed

* Ongoing

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