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The author is tessa-x

London-born Rosalie seems to have it all: image, wealth, and ideal boyfriend. But when her mum's job means that she has to spend the summer in an American coastal town, the cracks in her life begin to show. Far away from home, she struggles to maintain her superficial friendships, battles with her deteriorating relationship, and fights against her mother's unfair demands. On top of that, her one place of escapism-the beach-is tarnished by the presence of Brent: an unfriendly, but undeniably handsome, lifeguard.

With clashing personalities, Rosalie and Brent couldn't be more different, but their mutual love of the beach forces them together. As sparks begin to fly, the socialite and the lifeguard both find themselves embarking on a journey of self discovery.

Brent might be an expert at rescuing troubled swimmers, but while they both drown in their own problems and struggle to get to the surface of each other's issues, just who will end up rescuing who?

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