Underneath the City Lights

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Underneath the City Lights

The author is Triszjhkha

Sophia Dawson, Jefferson High's beautiful but bullied nerd had reached her limit after a particularly bad day of bullying. After being abducted by her bullies and leaving her for dead at the bad side of town and sent to the hospital, she finds herself at the center of a beautiful chaos that was her escape to her reality.

Caleb Morrison never gave a damn who and what was going on in Jefferson High, the guys were childish and the girls were whores, at least the ones who were brave enough to tell people that they were friends with him. Until the nerd caught his attention, he wants to find out what her secret to her sudden confidence is, that ends up with him finding a sit up and centre at Risqué, the beautiful chaos hidden under the city lights.

* Not Completed

* Ongoing

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