Picture This

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Picture This

The author is writeon27

Ian Macpherson and Charlotte (or Charlie, as Ian calls her) Henry had been the best of friends since either could remember.  But when Charlotte's mother dies of cancer when she was thirteen, Charlotte goes into a depression that even Ian can't help her out of and pushed them farther and farther apart.  Charlotte's depression caused her to gain weight and become the laughing stock of the school.  Even her best friend Ian turned on her.  

But that's when Charlotte moved away to England because of her father's job. 

Now it's both Ian and Charlotte's senior year and everything is about to change for them both.  

Ian became the hot player that any girl would happily be with.  He never thought he'd see Charlotte again since she'd moved to England.  But now she's back and looking totally different.  

Charlotte still can't forget what Ian and his friends did to her before she left for England.  But when they meet again, Charlotte can't help but have her feelings for Ian come flooding back to her.  And maybe, just maybe, Ian will let himself feel what he'd hidden from her forever.

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