When The Sun Goes Down

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When The Sun Goes Down 

The author is ObsceneIrrationality

Katherine Santoro was your average twenty-something wannabe

journalist. She was determined to make it big, would do anything for the scoop.

Anything. Including finding her way into an underground club exclusive to only those in the Genovese mafia and the beautiful women they employe. 

What could be more perfect?

She would stick to the shadows, snap a few videos, and write the biggest story New York has ever seen, there in making her a legend!

Easy as pie. 

Until she gets found. 

A series of blatant lies and lucky breaks later and she is mistaken to be one of the workers underneath.While many might be terrified of this predicament and fear for their life, Kate couldn't be more excited. Her experience below will give her even better insight to write this story, and the freedom to roam the area and talk to the members of the infamous brotherhood will leave no rock unturned. 

All she has to do is keep her cover until the night is over and the workers go home. What afantastic position she is in!

There are just two, minor problems to her pitch perfect plan.

One being him. Alessio. The Don, the Godfather, the Capo ditutti capi (the boss of bosses) who has taken a keen interest in Kate. Even that is something she could probably handle for one night. Except problem number two. They don't leave. Not at the end of the night, the end of the week,or even the end of the month. 

Alessio's interest in Kate threatens to expose her, 

something she would surely die from. He knows she doesn't belong but it's not as though she could have just waltzed in, right? 

By the time Kate realizes that not even the greatest scoop is worth the price, she is in far too deep to call it quits now.

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Book One of "The Midnight Mafia" trilogy

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