The Billionaire's Ex Wife

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The Billionaire's Ex Wife

The author is reckless_princesss

Melissa White just almost got her life back together after a year of hell. 

Aidan Knight is to thank for that. 

Her ex-husband, Aidan Knight mega billionaire of Knight Corporation, took almost everything from her. All due to the pre-nup that his mother made her sign. 

Liss is now working at a Daycare center earning little over minimum wage. She lives in a small two bedroom apartment with her niece when her sister is away for work. 

Melissa and Aidan haven't talked in almost a year. 

Melissa is now 26 years old and almost back to normal.

She's got her friends, family, her job, her apartment, and has almost gotten over that certain someone. 

But what happens when he comes back into her life unexpectedly?

Will Liss be able to keep calm and collected as her ex comes back into her life after radio silence for a year and causing her much heart break?

Melissa White is a 26 year old divorcee of one of the most powerful men in the world. 

He left her with nothing. Not even their two dogs. 

Melissa has light caramel hair and light green eyes.

She has been trying to get over Aidan Knight for the last year.

Aidan Knight is a 27 year old mega corporation owner and is one of the richest men in the world.

He has brown hair with sapphire blue eyes. 

Something comes up in his life that requires him to contact the woman he has been trying to avoid to save heartbreak for almost a year. 

Him showing up ruins all of Melissa's progress of getting over him.

Will she be able to let her brick wall guard down and allow them to be friends?

Or will it stay double guarded for the rest of her life?

* Not Completed

* Ongoing 

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