Promise the stars

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Promise the stars

The author is xinfiniteandbeyondx

"I'm not afraid of you" I defiantly caught his eye and shrugged.

"You should" he whispered, dangerously close, "If you knew what was good for you, you would"

"Maybe I don't know what's good for me" I murmured feeling the brush of his lips against mine, "Maybe I don't want to"


You'd think that finding out that your best friend is a snake, your boyfriend is a dog, and that your parents are liars, all in one day, would be crazy; and you'd be totally right.

But for Harper Dale, it's just a typical Tuesday afternoon.

When everything in her life falls apart within the span of five hours, she's lost...until her saving grace appears in the form of a black SUV and three boys she hardly knows.

Soon, she's on the road to absolutely nowhere, to find out where she comes from and who she wants to be with four unlikely allies; the school bad ass, his crazy best friends, and an aging go go dancer that may or may not be a sign that she's completely lost her mind.

All Harper has to do is get her answers, dodge the 'crazy' she seems to be ready to catch, and resist Andrew Gold...

Easier said than done.

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