The Road to Abernathy

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The Road to Abernathy

The author is intergalactics

"It doesn't matter how hard you try. Even if you leave, you'll be back. This town has that effect on people." 

As much as I hate to say it, he's right. Right now it's like my mind and my heart are in an intense debate. The logical side (my mind) is telling me that it's time to go. If I stay, I'm only asking to be hurt again. But the sensitive side (my heart) is telling me that this is it. That Abernathy is my last stop and it's time to end this endless road trip I've been on.

I think for once, I actually want to side with my heart. 

But I can't. So that's why I press down on the gas and speed away as far away as I can get. 

 Two weeks. 

  One cute boy. 

And one girl left feeling very confused at the end of it.

* Not Completed

* Ongoing 

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