Check Mate

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Check Mate

The author is Roses_AreRed

Ellie Collins has a past...She also has a present, for that matter. At twenty-three she's elusive, powerful and deadly. Seventeen years after witnessing the murder of her father, she's become a highly sought after assassin. Success--even through murder--is not what she's after though. She's looking for revenge.    

Alex King is a young, potentially brilliant lawyer. Born into luxury, he's never known what rejection or pain really is. He's had everything handed to him on a silver platter his entire life. So when a beautiful, young woman approaches him in a club and proves she's not only stunning to look at, but an amazing kisser, he thinks he's hit the jack pot.    

He couldn't be more wrong. He is nothing more than a pawn in a potentially deadly game of chess.   A game that Ellie Collins fully plans to win.  

She'll stop at nothing, even if it means fooling a certain King to believe he's in love, just so she can reach the end of the game and say "Check Mate."

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