Logically Falling

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Logically Falling

The author is HalimaAM_

They're sisters.

They're best friends.

And hopefully, one day, they're going to bigger than Fifth Harmony and Little Mix combined.

But for now, they're just not so regular high-school students who have to navigate their way through family drama, boy trouble and the big bad world.

Hopefully, they'll make it.


Cheryl Oliver is the first of the Oliver Quadruplets; 'the responsible one'.

Armed with her book smarts and obsession to one day rule America (and maybe later the world), Cheryl isn't so sure she wants to spend the rest of her life singing songs and going on tours with her sisters.

As she battles with her decision, the universe doesn't seem to want to make it easy for her: with preparations for her melodramatic mother's wedding, a hot sexually appealing guy stepping into her life and a new enemy clawing her way through, Cheryl hopes that her decision would be the best for her sanity.

...Especially when this sexually appealing descendant of Adonis makes her question herself more with each passing day.

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