Just a Taste

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Just a Taste

The author is Sophia_Heart

April Mansten. Nineteen years old. Blonde. Beautiful... and also daughter to Mario Mansten, a renowned bounty hunter, and as badass as they come in the bounty hunting world.

Kellan Reed. Twenty-three years old. Dark, dangerous and deadly... at least according to some. April’s always thought of him as a complete and utter jackass. He’s come far in the few years he’s been bounty hunting thanks to Mario – the only father figure he’s ever really known.  

The two are polar opposites when it comes to their upbringing. April having grown up in a loving, and caring home, until tragedy breaks it apart. And Kellan, who has been through foster home after foster home, the only stability he’s ever experienced, coming through the Mansten’s and the kindness they extended towards a troubled teenager. Mario had been great to him. First as an adviser while he was in school, and later as a mentor as he eagerly embraced the bounty hunting world.  

This is their story, one which is filled with deplorable betrayal, unspeakable heartache and a fragile truce that blossoms into... love?   

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