Teen Idols and Happy Meals

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Teen Idols and Happy Meals

The author is CaitlynTheresa

In a small New England town there lives a girl. A quirky, spirited McDonald’s cashier named Nikki Davenport. As a charismatic drama freak, she should’ve lived a happy, carefree life – just like any other teenager. But, plagued by money problems, Nikki’s been forced to enter a dark, sinister world in her attempts to support her family. The last thing she wants is more excitement. 

In that same town though, there is a boy. A beautiful, awful boy who lives and dies for excitement. As an A-list celebrity, seventeen year old Jacen Sage finds just about everything hopelessly boring. Things that he once found fun, have now lost their appeal. The only thing that interests him anymore is starting trouble. If he’s doing what he’s supposed to, he’s not doing what he wants. Terribly reckless, Jacen only feels alive when he’s about to die. 

No matter their identical zip codes, the two live in totally different worlds, and probably would’ve never met if not for Jacen’s infatuation with chicken nuggets. As soon as he walks  into McDonalds that first day, Nikki knows there’s more to this boy than designer clothes and a pretty face. She’s drawn to him, but she denies it, no matter how many times he orders a happy meal from her. After all, the last thing she has time for is an obsession. 

But how can you deny fate when it won’t leave you the hell alone? 

After the teen idol sacrifices himself to save her, Nikki realizes there’s much more to Jacen than meets the eye. Quickly, the two are snatched up in a passionate, whirlwind romance. But Jacen’s dark, terrible past and Nikki’s ugly business aren’t the only things standing in the lovers' way. 

People have been disappearing left and right all over town, and the only connection between the missing girls is Jacen himself. Does the young star have a darker side than even Nikki realizes, or are the strange gifts he's been receiving a sign that he's just another victim?

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