When Darkness Calls

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When Darkness Calls

The author is ObsceneIrrationality

Alina Hubert is only six years old when she first meets darkness. He shows up in the middle of the night outside of her window, sings her a beautiful song, leads her to a mythical land and teaches her a very important lesson. When the darkness calls, you will always answer.

Now over a decade later as an adult darkness has never left her. The police claim they caught the man who tried to kidnap her, her boyfriend tells her the memories she believes she is having are only a dream, and her psychiatrist tells her that her childhood mind simply could not face the reality of what happened and instead created this fantasy staring none other than the boogeyman himself.

They think she's crazy. But then again, maybe she is crazy. Crazy enough to find him herself. Alina finds that the only thing worse than when darkness calls you, is calling darkness yourself. This is not the darkness that lurks in shadows nor the kind you find under your bed. This is the darkest shadows of your nightmares, the kind who traces your fears back to the very roots to destroy, this is the kind of absolute darkness that kills. And when you call darkness, he always answers.

Author has unfortunately decided to delete the novel. 

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