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The author is queen-of-the-rivers

"Let it be known that I crossed your path. That I entered

your territory wrongfully and have made it out alive and well. I bless you with

health and safety. May you never be troubled with the horrid beings that walk

this Earth. May you never mistake a friend for an enemy. I pardon you from your

wrong doings Alpha  and all who follow you."


She is not innocent.

She is the Luna all Alpha's wish to have by their side.

But she will not be held down, she will not be dominated.

She will not submit.

For she is Eliza, the Healer of the Wolves.

He is ruthless. He destroys everything and everyone in his way.

He is the Bringer of Death.He is a Merciless Alpha.

No one makes it out of his territory alive.

For he has been here centuries, too long to forget her.

 For he is Xander.


Every Century, a child is born with formidable healing

abilities for the werewolf kind. Any injury they can heal, just not one to themselves.

Usually she is a half breed, human and werewolf. As a Half breed they have all

abilities that werewolves have but the most significant one. The healer will

never shift. 

Once she has fully acquired her healing powers, she will

forever carry on a scent signaling to other wolves that she is the healer, the

savior of their pack.

It is for that reason why all Alpha's want her by their

side, to bring good fortune to their pack and good luck that will last for

centuries more.

* Not Completed

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