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The author is AnnaSantos5

And if you could become an angel? And if you could have an angel as your soul-mate? What would you do? Would you choose heaven or hell?

Eighteen years old Aria never thought that the trip of her life to Paris, could become her worst nightmare. Awkward, dreamer, shy and bookworm, she was too innocent to survive to the sordid plan that destiny had in stored for her. 

Philippe is the ruthless and cold ruler of the vampires in Paris. He is tall, handsome and he has the power of enthralling any woman he wants. He is happy with his live, even if the gargoyles are always trying to ruin his plots. It is not in his plans to fall in love, so when his pathetic soul mate comes into the picture, he has no problem in rejecting her and sentencing her to death.

Cedric is the gargoyles and angels' prince. He is looking for true love to break his curse and when he saves Aria, he knows that she is THE ONE. The runes that appeared in their hands prove it. Aria is his and he has no intention of letting her go. He will do anything to make her fall in love with him and cure her broken heart.

But what happens when her former mate decides that he made a mistake and he wants her back? Sometimes the dark can be really alluring...

Ruthless vampires. Checked

Rejection. Checked

Hot guys. Checked

Kidnapping. Checked

Fighting for love. Checked

Angels. Also Checked

Tea spoon of jokes. Double Checked

Cliché with a twist. Also Checked

What are you waiting for to read it? 

* Not Completed

* Ongoing

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