What The Flower Says Of Death

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What The Flower Says Of Death

The author is skinandbonesx

On her eighteenth birthday, Violet Holt is going to kill herself.

That's the plan anyway, and she hopes that making a plan will help her get away with it this time. It was all written down in her worn leather journal: Her pre-written suicide note; a number of options, both peaceful and morbid, for when the time finally came; and a list of things "to do" as she waited out her last few months.

Being dumped in Newport to be babysat by her elderly grandmother was not part of the plan, and neither was tending to her comatose grandfather. Most of all though, being stalked by her grandparents' young, spindly groundskeeper was really putting a damper on her already terrible mood.

He called himself Jack De'Morte and says he was just there to rake her grandmother's leaves, but Violet wasn't so easily fooled; she knew Death when she saw him. If he was just going to follow her around until she offed herself, then she would at least make the most of his off putting, yet charming company while working away at her list.

Falling in love was definitely not part of the plan, and neither was changing her mind. Violet feared though, that if she admitted to herself that she found a reason for living again, Jack would disappear along with her desire to die.

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