Wolf In The Night

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Wolf In The Night

The author is melbenda

Emmanuelle is running, running from a heartbreak she doesn't want to remember. Packing her things she takes off, driving to a wherever her car takes her. A town hours away, a town she thinks is just abandoned and run down. If only she knew, what was really in the town she was staying in?

Sitting in the bar was just a regular day for Judd. Working hard, pack meetings and then sitting back with a drink. It was the same as any other day. Except when she walked in, the woman in heels and looking completely out of place. He found himself unable to look away.

Normally they ignored the humans when they stopped through, maybe scaring them off a little. Not today, something was different and Judd knew exactly why. It was her, his mate. Except she was full human and he was born a wolf. 

Elle is drawn to him, unable to stop herself from sitting beside the rugged man at the end of the bar, ignoring all the looks from the other men. Not realising she just sat beside the Alpha no one dared to bother of an evening. She takes a seat and feels an instant attraction, putting it down the heat she ignored it. Until her mind is overcome by alcohol and friendly talk between the two.

Judd walks over to her room, tempted to run his teeth down her neck and mark what is his but fights his wolf off. Elle had every intention of leaving the next day, something stops her. Convinced she’s seen something, she’s too afraid to tell anyone. The town where no one looks at her or talks to her, can she finally bring herself to tell Judd what she saw?

A wolf in the night.

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