Match Made in Money

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Match Made in Money

The author is temperedinnocence

Can what happen in Vegas stay in Vegas?

Cassidy Hawkins is the girl in every guy’s dream. She’s perfect and girls envy her. She’s rich and she has all the time in the world to have fun and loosen up, a perfect boyfriend and a loyal best friend to top it all up.

But in spite being perfect and all, she never passed on Sky Wright’s taste.

Sky is Cassidy’s counterpart, he lives a life just like Cass'. A party person and the quarterback. Girls can be clingy around him, begging to know his name and to get his number. Even to get into his pants.

But again, he’s not Cassidy’s type of guy too.

A history of hatred separates the two of them, making them mortal enemies and each others pain in the ass. Until some circumstances brought them together and the unexpected happened, that will turn their life crazy upside down.

Can ONE GAME hold them close? ONE NIGHT clear things up? ONE ROOM erase all hatred? And ONE BET bring them love? Will money bring Cass and Sky closer? Or continue to widen the gap between them?

Love is the biggest consequence, and hate seconded.

* Not Completed

* Ongoing 

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