Waiting for the Sunrise

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Waiting for the Sunrise

The author is ACTrinity 

Eve was in pain. Constantly. But she was good at hiding it. Until he came. Until he came and he ruined everything. He saw through her crumbling facade, right down to her bare, dying soul. When she wore long sleeves in the warmth, he knew why. When her nose bled out of the blue, he knew why. And the worst part was that he wanted to help her.

Elijah was just a waiter at the Sunrise Eatery who enjoyed small things like playing music with his band and lighting up the occasional cigarette after a long, hard week. But his life would be forever changed when his path collided with that of a beautiful, broken girl. Her hurt made him hurt, and now that he felt the pain inside of her, he could never unfeel it. He could never forget it no matter how much he wished he could.

This is a novel about the endless night of loneliness and depression, and the painfulness of healing and reconciliation. The characters face internal and external struggles including split families, addictions, and yearnings to be understood and appreciated. The book delves into the pain of a brokenness, and the romance of making something whole again.

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