The Unlikely Couple

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The Unlikely Couple

The author is unonthjonsno

Stacey Harris is a twenty seven going on twenty eight year old writer. She works happily in her perfect Melbourne apartment and doesn't mind being single. However her best friend Bradley is getting married, and Stacey's never expressed feelings are crushed.

Hal Bishop is a thirty something millionaire bank manager. He's got all the money in the world, but he's lonely and won't admit it. He hides his sadness behind laughter and the humiliation of others. Hal hits rock bottom when his gal pal from uni, Marissa, calls to say she's engaged. Both Stacey and Hal don't realise that Bradley and Marissa are the future new weds, and they're both invited to the wedding.

After a crazy engagement party, Hal and Stacey get acquainted. From a quickie in a restaurant bathroom to a romantic dinner by the beach, the two start to get smitten. Everyone, including Bradley and Marissa consider them the unlikely couple. Mixed feelings and hidden emotions are intertwined in their rocky relationship, but will they beat the odds and become the likely couple?

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