The Devil Is My Guardian

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The Devil Is My Guardian

The author is brech33se

 "Let me carry her."    

Stepping forward was none other than Cooper Kingsley, our school's and town's bad boy. Cooper was a championship boxer, drove a motorcycle, and it was a known fact he'd been to jail four times... this year. His brown hair looked soft enough to run my fingers through quite easily, his blue cold eyes that ran girls crazy, and his built, strong body didn't help girls' hormones either. And one other thing. Cooper wasn't your average player; no he was just plain hard to get. Only a few girls have had the pleasure to get a peck from him, and nobody is known to of have ever gotten in bed with him. It wasn't normal for him to volunteer like this, just to help a normal girl.      

I am bland and boring with my dead blue eyes, flat brown hair, and average height. I was completely and utterly average. So why did Cooper Kingsley want anything to do with me? What did I have that all the other girls didn't? Why was the devil suddenly my guardian?

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