Days. Years. Eternity.

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Days. Years. Eternity. 

The author is CharitraSree 

"But I just saw Neel. He was giving a ride to Monica on his bike and they were both in a hurry to go somewhere; coz I saw them rush past me without even noticing me yelling at them. So I figured you must be back home, safe. Neel never left you alone like this. Not since I've known him." Krish told me with confused eyes.

Except that Neel decided to ditch his best friend of 12 years for his recent girlfriend, Monica.

Life is so unexpected; and so are people. They come and they go, but some leave footprints in your heart that can never be wiped out. They walk beside you for a long time and when the time comes for them to leave, it is so abrupt, so blunt that you are suddenly left with nothing but their footprints to tread on, to remember as opposed to their friendly, protective shadow. You're left wondering if that was the right time for them to go or if it was you that pushed them away. This was exactly what was bothering me right now. Did I do the right thing by pushing Neel away, after what happened that night? After all, what happened that night wasn't totally his fault. He just trusted the wrong person. It could happen to anybody, right?

Welcome to the story of Ananya Ravi (Anu), Neel and Krish. It was one rainy evening, that life changed for Ananya, causing Neel and Krish to walk out of her life.

Now after almost 3 years life is as normal as it can be for Ananya, until Neel comes back, bringing with him the memories of the past. And then her true, terrifying past itself intervenes. Is it destiny? Or is it all just one terrifying human being that has decided to further stalk her? It is now time to discover who controls whom.

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