The Decoy Date

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The Decoy Date

The author is HRB2910

Imogen Jones is sick and tired of her mother setting her up on dates with - well let's face it weirdoes and as luck would have it on the day she finally stands up for herself, she runs into a gorgeous guy who kisses like a god. She thinks her luck is finally paying off, until he reveals his name.  

Charlie Ramsey had been one of many who had made her school life a living hell, she thought she'd escaped him once and for all but here he was with that amazing pair of lips asking her to be his fake girlfriend.  

Together they hatch a plan to fool their parents, siblings and friends into believing they are a couple in love, but have they gone so far  they've fooled themselves.

Or has their decoy date become something a lot more real and a lot like true love.

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