The Girl Who Cried For The Wolf

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The Girl Who Cried For The Wolf

The author is SilverStream22

You've heard of the Boy Who Cried Wolf, but what about The Girl Who Cried For The Wolf?

Savvy Jensen believes that death stalks her, so when she finds out her uncle who she has been staying with has passed away, she's not surprised. Finding herself in the woods and skipping out on the funeral is her way of dealing-and she doesn't want to curse anyone else with a sudden death. But as she takes a tread in the woods, she crosses paths with a wolf pup, injured and whimpering. Deciding against what textbooks say about wild animals, she nurses the pup back to health as much as she can when she's in the woods. But when night falls, the wolves come out to hunt, and Savvy find out that she is the only one who isn't prey to the attacks. 

However she does seem to be on the prey list for the town's broodiest man, Maddox Rhys. Known to be ruthless, cold and calculating person, he's become infatuated with Savvy's every action for reasons she can't even begin to fathom. He doesn't approach her, at least not until he's stark naked at her doorstep caked in blood. Now caught up in Maddox's world, Savvy struggles to keep her sanity with every mind-blowing thing thrown at her doorstep.

Can Savvy handle Maddox's world? Handle who he is and what he does? Will she let herself be swept away by his promising, lustful words?

* Not Completed

* Ongoing 

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