Becoming Beautiful

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Becoming Beautiful 

The author is istolethecookiez

Kennedy isn't known for her beauty, her intelligence- sure, but definitely not because of how she looks. She’s never been complimented on her appearance - unless, being called beautiful by your family members count, and to Kennedy- it doesn’t. Sick of being overlooked because of her unattractiveness, Kennedy gives herself a makeover but it isn’t as successful as she wishes. 

After encountering a crying Marissa Rivers on the behalf of her obnoxious brother, Noah Rivers, she becomes acquaintances with the girl. After a chat about Kennedy’s failed efforts at makeup and how she’s a nondrinker, she offers Kennedy the help of her and her beauty guru friends, who also happen to be the most popular girls at school. Kennedy graciously agrees but there’s a catch. 

Kennedy will have to be the girls’ designated driver to the next few parties that they want to attend until she gets the hang of how to do her own makeup- which may take a while, but what happens when Kennedy accidentally gets drunk at one of the parties and Noah has to bring her and the other girls back to his sister and his own home? She gets involved in a lot more than she planned. And it seems as if all she wanted was to become beautiful.

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