Millionaire Misfits

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Millionaire Misfits 

The author is UniqueAlexJ

It all started off with a debt.


Shane Trade : Also known as New York's biggest monster. A cruel, emotionless, cold monster that has never loved anyone. So why is it that when he kidnaps Beatrice Lincoln, a girl that is paying her mother's debt, that he feels such a strong attraction too? Control is one thing that he can have within minutes but once she steps her foot into his domain, everything becomes dysfunctional.

His heart is like ice.

Solid and cold.

But could she possibly be the one to break through into his cold exterior? Can she stay with him, and learn to cope with the horror of his lifestyle and the difficulties of loving a man with a reckless, tormented heart?

Lies, deception, love, lust.

* Not Completed

* Ongoing 

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