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The author is ElizabethAD

When orphan, Alexis Walker, gets adopted at 17 and moves across the country to the small town of Dover, she didn't think her life could change much more drastically. 

Then she meets Hunter Stone. Beautiful, popular, and little does she know alpha to his very own pack. When fate steps in and the two discover they are mates, Alexis is thrust into an unknown world filled with corrupt werewolves, merciless vampires, and deadly witches. 

When Alexis discovers she is apart of an ancient prophecy and is destined to save the werewolf race, she sets out across the country to discover the truth about her parents and learn to control the magic within her. 

Can Alexis save the werewolves in time? Or will she be forced to watch the evil witch slaughter those she loves.

* Not Completed

* Ongoing 

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